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Digital Advertising provides a sophisticated range of online options to boost your trade campaigns.




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Our responsive website looks gorgeous at any screen size, and crucially, all our digital advertising is immune to adblockers.


In October 2019 attracted:

  • 204,000 users
  • 500,000 pageviews
  • 1,200,000 ad impressions

Over this period, our average registered travel agent reader:

  • Spent 4m26s reading 2.6 pages per visit

In short, offers unparalleled access to engaged travel sellers.

On readers can filter content by topic. Each topic can be targeted by specific campaigns, allowing you to aim your brand's message squarely at those relevant and engaged professionals. Alternatively, you can simply run your campaign across the whole site for a broad sweep of our audience.

There are four main types of display to choose from.

Did you know...

Up to 20% of the online travel trade audience uses adblocking software when browsing. That's one fifth of your target audience that do not see display advertising at all. Unless they visit our site.


You can takeover pages of any topic with a rich and bold creative campaign framing the content.


The meat and drink of web advertising.


Standard web spec mid-page unit. You know the drill.

For details on any Display advertising opportunities contact us on 020 3714 4103 or



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Or if you want to take a more sophisticated approach, native advertising allows your brand to present your products and ethos in the same familiar style as the regular TTG content. In this way it can more seamlessly integrate into the journey our readers take through the site.


We will work with you to ensure your native campaign projects the strongest brand message within the editorial guidelines we have developed as a trusted industry voice.

For details on Native advertising opportunities contact us on 020 3714 4103 or



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TTG Media’s newsletters offer further impact, engagement and the opportunity to showcase your product and services delivered directly to our most engaged audience. Whether you want to a promote your brand to the luxury sector, your latest competition, or simply advertise a job, TTG has got it all covered.


There is a range of commercial opportunities available on each newsletter from premium banners and sponsored feature slots to standard banners and job ads.

TTG Partner campaigns

TTG Partner email campaigns are sent to our opted-in list of 17,200 contacts. Providing you with 100% content control, TTG Partner campaigns are a great marketing tool, encouraging new business, brand exposure and the platform to communicate your marketing message directly to the inbox of the trade.


TTG Partner campaigns html specifications (pdf)


Midday Bulletin

Sent every weekday at noon to 14,000 active readers.


The average daily open rate is 25%.

TTG Luxury

Sent fortnightly on Thursday afternoons to 10,000 active readers.


The average open rate is 19%.

TTG Technology

Sent fortnightly on alternate Thursday afternoons to 4,300 active readers.


The average open rate is 23%.

For details on Messaging opportunities contact Anwar Sohawon on 020 3714 4103 or



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For details on Jobs advertising opportunities contact Victoria Hadden 020 3714 4106 or

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