Agenda 2021

7-8 DECEMBER | 14:00-17:15

Agenda 2021 Programme



14:00-14:05 Opening remarks from Sophie Griffiths, editor, TTG Media and Daniel Pearce, CEO, TTG Media




14:10-14:40 A new travel landscape

Analysing the findings of exclusive research by PwC and TTG, David will seek to answer the questions: What is the consumer appetite for travel? How have travel businesses adapted to the challenges of 2020? And crucially what will the travel landscape look like as we enter 2021? Including a live Q&A.

David Trunkfield


David Trunkfield

Hospitality & leisure lead, PwC



14:40-14:55 Break


14:55-15:25 Brexit - the end of transition agreement and what it means for travel

With brexit now less than a month away, what are the essentials that travel companies need to know? This 20-minute session with Rhys Griffiths, one of the UK's leading travel laywers, will be followed by a live Q&A


Rhys Griffiths

Travel partner, Fox Williams



15:25-15:30 Break





15:30-16:15 Deal or No Deal: How Brexit will impact travel in 2021

As the Brexit Transition period draws to a close and the UK prepares for its exit from the European Union, the panel examines how the industry will be impacted and what it will mean for businesses across the sector

Simon Calder

Zina Bencheikh

Managing director,

Intrepid Travel EMEA

Simon Calder

Travel journalist

Diane Palumbo

Sales and marketing director, Skiworld

16:15-16:30 Live Q&A


16:30-17:10 The Big Interview...With:

As the industry continues to face its most challenging period, aviation and maritime minister Robert Courts offers an update on how the government work to get the industry restarted for both aviation and cruise, before taking live questions from delegates

Robert Courts MP


Robert Courts MP

Minister for aviation and maritime



17:10-17:25 Live Q&A




14:00-14:05 Opening remarks from Sophie Griffiths, editor, TTG Media and Daniel Pearce, CEO, TTG Media




14:10-14:40 Inclusion and the travel industry – what next after the wrecking ball of 2020?

Examining the findings of exclusive research by MBS Group, Elliott Goldstein explores diversity and inclusion within the travel industry, how this has been affected by 2020 and what steps the industry must take in 2020 to move these key themes back up the agenda. This session will include a live Q&A.

Joanna Aunon

Joanna Aunon

Director, WiHTL

Katy Bennett

Director diversity & inclusion consulting, PwC

Elliott Goldstein

Managing partner,

MBS Group



14:40-14:55 Break


14:55-15:30 Post Covid, post-Trump – how can travel be a force for good?

In the new world order as life adjusts to a world post-Covid and post-Donald Trump, this panel explores how travel can be kinder to the people that work in it, and to the environment. How can a kinder culture benefit the tourism sector?

Clare Jenkinson

Naledi Khabo


Clare Jenkinson

Head of sustainability, Abta

Naledi Khabo

Chief executive officer, Africa Tourism Association

Arnie Weissmann


Travel Weekly USA

15:30-15:45 Live Q&A


15:45-16:30 Cashflow reform: can this industry genuinely 'build back better'?

2020 highlighted notable flaws in the way the travel industry operates as consumers were left waiting months for refunds and agents often forced to bear the brunt of customer frustration. This panel explores how the industry can "build back better" with regard to pipeline monies, and travel firms can win back the trust of consumers

Rory Boland


Rory Boland

Editor, Which?

Kirsten Hughes

Managing director,

Travel Counsellors

Paul Smith

Director, Consumer and Markets, CAA

16:30-17:15 The Big Interview...with:



Following the key findings be shared during the event, all attendees will be emailed a complimentary copy of the PwC report.

Authored by TTG and PwC, this report will look positively towards next year, answering some key questions about what the shape of the industry will look like as it emerges from the crisis and where the opportunities will lie.

Research among more than 50 travel leaders will look into how the industry is defining the future - while a consumer study completed for the report in October, will lay bare consumers’ sentiments towards future travel.

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