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In search of simplicity

When Confucius said “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated”, I wonder if he had the business of aviation route development in mind.

After all, one of the strengths of the aviation industry is its ability is to take what initially appear to be insurmountable problems and deal with them.

This is best seen on page 107 where the authorities in St Helena are continuing to work hard to get the new airport up and running for commercial aviation after its failure to open this year.

Building the airport had proved difficult enough and now extensive work is being undertaken to defeat the final problem of windshear. Other small island airports in the feature prove what the benefits can be to doing so.

Similarly, ASM has turned its attention on page 99 to the problems faced by Turkish Airlines thanks to ongoing security issues and the recent failed coup.

While there has been a definite impact on operations I am confident the airline, which is one of the world’s biggest, will find the solutions no matter how complex they are.

This is not to say simplicity doesn’t have a place in the aviation industry. Malaysia Airlines is showing how the basic move of ditching its Airbus A380s is effecting greater change (page 37) while Congo Airlines’ safety focus is also paying dividends (page 41).

As India’s route development problems become fewer, so they become easier to solve (page 74) while three simple tips will help airports attract the growing outbound Chinese market (page 88).

And if you remain unconvinced of the potential of the Chinese market, you should turn to page 50 as quickly as you can where a Number Cruncher breaks down the stats to something simply understood.

So perhaps the key to understanding Confucius in our industry is knowing when a problem is simple and when it is not. It’s then just a case of finding the answers which can prove a lot harder.


Edward Robertson

editor, Routes News


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