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03 May 2017

BY Stephen Miller


TTG Guide: New to Cruise 2017

For hundreds of years, explorers braved unbearable hardships in the Arctic in search of the so-called Northwest Passage – a trade route above Canada connecting Europe to the Far East. 


It promised untold riches for the one who found it – or possibly doom in the ice for those who failed.


You might feel the same way about cruise bookings. The stakes aren’t so high but it is easy to feel as though you are losing out if you haven’t cracked a cruise sale yet.


Let this guide steer you to success at sea. We think there’s a cruise for everyone – the trick is matching the potential passenger to the ship.


You should recognise a few of your customers in the scenarios on pages 13-26. Think laterally when selling them a cruise; if they liked a certain holiday on land, a similar theme at sea could be a winner. And it might mean a healthy commission for you.


If your clients think cruising just isn’t for them, we debunk the myths on pages 4-7. There is an answer to all those assumptions about holidays at sea – including that old perennial: “I’ll get bored...”


And the Northwest Passage? Sadly, it didn’t exist – or not in a way that it could ever be commercially viable. Hundreds perished in the search before the Panama Canal opened in 1914, rendering it all but irrelevant. The sad irony is you can cruise in comfort through the canal today, or even sail an ice-breaker through the Northwest Passage.


Either would have been unthinkable to our ancestors – but today the world is truly our oyster.


Bon voyage!



Matt Hampton

Special projects editor

TTG Media

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