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25 May 2017

BY Matthew Parsons


TTG Technology May 2017

It doesn’t always go to plan, despite best intentions...


Playing it safe

Playing it safe

It doesn’t always go to plan, despite best intentions. This was experienced first-hand by several major household brands after being thrown in the spotlight earlier this year after their advertising was placed next to terrorist-related videos on YouTube.

Google, understandably, came under fire, but in a wider sense so too did online advertising. Sojern’s Matthieu Betton told me it caused concern to some brands, which felt they had to delay their own marketing campaigns.

As a result, he found himself reassuring clients that, done properly, programmatic advertising remains “brand safe”, as well as a fast-evolving medium; look no further than Channel 4’s Alien: Covenant tie-up.

Another topic thrust in the headlines is data security. On May 12, more than 100 countries were hit by a ransomware attack. How many travel firms were affected remains to be seen, but cyber attacks are clearly on the rise. On page 8 we hear how that, from May 2018, the new GDPR law will mean it won’t be just your reputation that’s hit – you’ll pay a lot more for any data breach financially too.

There’ll be plenty of time to explore these issues at the Digital Travel Summit, with a great line-up of speakers and sessions to shed light on best practice. At TTG Media, it’s an ethos we share. Online, and in our publications, we also aim to engage, and illuminate best practice, as well as report on news across the wider travel industry.

Where this European edition of DTS will head to, after a run of three years in London, is unclear. We will hopefully have a clearer idea of how “Brexit means Brexit” actually translates by spring next year. But when quizzed on next year’s host city, DTS conference director Susie Benaim simply told me: “Watch this space”.

For now, that’s as good a plan as any.



Matthew Parsons

Technology editor

TTG Media

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