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05 Oct 2017

BY Madeleine Barber


TTG's Guide to Asia 2017

In this guide you’ll find tips on ancient temples and forts, diverse and rare wildlife, jaw-dropping scenery and dynamic cities to recommend to your clients.


One word: noodles. Whether it’s pad Thai, ramen or chow mein, this Asian food never fails to fill tums, and I’d be lying if I told you that my first urge to visit the vast continent wasn’t at least 50% driven by its cuisine. Of course, it wasn’t just noodles that enticed me, it was the authentic murgh curries of India, “sticky rice” of Laos and Sri Lankan egg hoppers, among many, many other dishes. In fact, sampling sushi in Japan is my top travel plan for 2018. So in honour of Asia’s undeniably popular fare, we’ve selected 20 of the continent’s best culinary experiences that you can book for your clients.

But there is more to Asia than its food. With ancient temples and forts, diverse and rare wildlife, jaw-dropping scenery and dynamic cities, there is simply more to see than a person could lay their eyes on in a lifetime of holidays. But it’s worth trying. And when your customers do try, they have a number of new hotels and resorts to stay in this year, some of which Chloe Cann highlights in this guide.

I’ve also tracked down Chris Crampton, chairman of the Pacific Asia Travel Association, to share with you his opinion on Asia’s tourism trends and significant developments. This means that you, and your clients, can be up to date on what’s all the rage in Asia right now, besides its on-point noodles.


Madeleine Barber

Special projects editor

TTG Media

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