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22 Aug 2018

BY Stephen Miller


TTG's Guide To Cruise: Multi-Generational Cruising

With multi-generational cruising such a big trend in 2018, we’re looking at what ocean and river ships – and their itineraries – bring to the table for everyone from toddlers and teens to parents and grandparents.


TTG's Guide To Cruise: Multi-Generational Cruising


Family holidays are often plagued with the sounds of “are we nearly there yet?”, “I want ice-cream!” or “I’m boooored”. Add these whines to a grandparent who’s not as sprightly as they once were and the wearing patience of parents, and it’s easy to get a family holiday very wrong. But what if you could confidently recommend your clients a cruise that keeps kids entertained and simultaneously supports the needs of more mature travellers? The aim of this supplement is to help you understand the requirements of a family on a multi-generational cruise and learn how cruise lines have adapted to meet these needs.


Whether your client is a family with 2.4 children, a grandparent taking away their children’s kids (skip-generation) or a mature couple taking away their elderly parents, we hope that you’ll find some useful tips on page 4. We’ve taken a look at the kinds of complications families may come across during a cruise and how you can help to foresee and avoid them at the point of booking.


We’ve also rounded up eight examples of great innovation in the multi-generational family cruising market on page 8, from bungee-trampolines and ice rinks to innovative cabin designs and snazzy tech for the visually impaired or hard of hearing.


Cruise lines like to have their say, too, so we’ve given them the chance from page 10 in a series of profiles predicting the kinds of questions your clients are likely to ask when enquiring about a multi-generational cruise. So whether it’s how to celebrate a special occasion, which cruise line has the best gadgets for tech-savvy teens or how possible it is to get grandparents with mobility issues on and off the ship, I hope you find the answers you’re looking for within these pages.



Madeleine Barber

Special projects editor

TTG Media

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