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02 May 2018

BY Madeleine Barber


TTG's New To Cruise Guide 2018

When you’re new to selling cruise, knowing which company and itinerary to pair to a client can be tricky.


I’ve had Elton John’s The Circle of Life from The Lion King warbling away in my head while editing this supplement, primarily because of a feature it contains outlining a “circle of life” that occurs when an agent is selling cruise. At one point, a surreal vision of new-to-cruise agents being presented at the bow of a ship in the style of Rafiki offering up baby Simba to the animal kingdom even entered my mind.

Like Simba, who must learn the ways of the Pride Lands, agents who haven’t sold cruise before need to acclimatise themselves to the ways of this vastly lucrative and fast-moving sector. So, who better to ask than the directors of cruise lines, cruise bodies and cruise-focused travel agencies for insider knowledge? This is exactly what Sara Macefield has done for the “Five steps to successful sales” feature. Outlining five stages of the selling-cruise life cycle, she’s covered everything from advice on how to entice customers onboard to what actions you should take once they have returned from their trip – and everything in between.

Then we’ve collected eight of the best taster cruises on page 8 to ease in your new-to-cruise clients.

When you’re new to selling cruise, knowing which company and itinerary to pair to a client can be tricky. But when you drill down into the details of which customers cruise lines are targeting with which itineraries and why, it’s simply a case of joining the dots. This is why we’ve asked cruise lines to present client case studies and match an itinerary to each, starting from page 10. Because once you know how to match a cruise to a client, and what steps to take to do so, “It means no worries, for the rest of your days…”


Madeleine Barber
Special projects editor, TTG Media

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