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07 May 2015

BY TTG Staff


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In a wide-open election, all we can do is hope the winner listens to our industry’s voice

In a wide-open election, all we can do is hope the winner listens to our industry’s voice

If the TTG polls are anything to go by, it seems that our readers are a blue old bunch. Some of you are of course feeling a little red and green, and to a lesser extent purple, although few of you seem to be thinking yellow… No prizes for guessing what I’m talking about this week!


Since the parties hit the official campaign trail a month ago, TTG has been keeping readers informed of the various promises emerging from the political manifestos.


We’ve also quizzed the national parties on the questions you told us you wanted answered, and compared promises made by the Tories and Lib Dems in 2010 with what they actually managed to deliver as a coalition government. Unsurprisingly, the fib factor was high.


As part of our coverage, two weeks ago we also asked readers who they would be voting for this Thursday, with the majority (50%) of you favouring the Conservatives.


Perhaps that’s because you felt they offered the most for small businesses, or because you believe they’ve done a successful job in their five years leading the coalition. Either way, what was significant in the comments from the industry this week was how little the parties had addressed the issues facing the travel industry, particularly with regards to airport expansion and whether they would create a dedicated tourism minister post (page 8).


Of course, we’re unlikely to know who exactly will be in power before next week. A coalition government has been accepted as the most likely outcome, and forming such a marriage between two opposing parties always takes time (page 4).


All we can hope for is that once in place, this government will listen to the needs of important industries such as travel (which contributes 9% to the UK’s GDP), and will show us how they will support us going forward. If not, I fear we may all be left feeling a little blue.


Sophie Griffiths
News editor, TTG

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