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TTG magazine

06 Jan 2016

BY TTG Staff


Read the January 7 issue online

In this issue: Operators reveal their top tips on how to get the most out of a 48-hour stopover in the Middle East.


Sweet 2016? Choose your partners wisely

We were a beautiful team while it lasted. Me and cheese. Working in blissful partnership during the month of December: cheese and wine parties; late-night stilton snacks. Skiing in the Alps, I had cheese with every meal for four days straight.


But I’ve woken up in 2016 with the horrible realisation that cheese hasn’t necessarily left me in the best of shape. So it’s goodbye cheese, and hello lean protein for the foreseeable future.


With the peak-selling season well under way, and suppliers scrabbling to secure your bookings, I wonder how you’ll decide which ones you’ll work in partnership with this year? And how you discern those that genuinely do you the most good?


Is it those like Club Med who will offer you the highest levels of commission? Might it be the suppliers who are always quick to lend support to initiatives like our new Top 50 programme by hosting agents at such events?


Or is it companies like Cook which – despite not always being seen as the independents’ best friend – is revamping Airtours in a move welcomed by many agents?


Early indications are that holiday enquiries are flowing in nicely so far in 2016, and as our 88-page bumper edition demonstrates, there’s no shortage of suppliers making a play for your customers.


But it’s worth taking the time to decide which supplier partnerships are the best fit for your own particular business, and which you might be better shedding this year – while considering the lessons learned in 2015 in terms of having an unhealthy reliance on any one business or product.


So as the January sales start ringing in, do consider the long-term wellbeing of your business, and choose your partners “Caerphilly” (sorry).


Pippa Jacks
Editor, TTG


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