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02 Jul 2015

BY TTG Staff


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In this issue: We examine the fallout for Tunisian tourism following last week’s events in Sousse


Tourism can be a salve for this salvo

Tourism can be a salve for this salvo

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

What now for tourism in Tunisia in the face of the shocking events of last week? Is that it?

If the travel industry was truly to shy away from countries where travellers are at risk, where terrorism atrocities take place, would anyone travel anywhere other than the Isle of Wight?

Whilst it pains me to say it about the city I work in, live in and love, London should be one of the first places to take off of the tourist trail.

Last Friday’s events on the beach at Sousse were a hitherto unimaginable horror, and all of our thoughts at TTG Media this week have been with the families of those killed and injured. But it need not be the end for tourism to the region any more than the Marrakech bombing of 2011 stopped travel to Morocco.

Just as the pockmarks of that carnage have become a tolerated feature of the country’s history, so too can the events in Tunisia last week.
Tunisia needs time, and it needs patience. And it needs the support of an industry which has so often proved that it can be the vital step in the rebirth of nations and economies.

Ultimately of course it won’t be a decision for the tour operators - consumers will vote with their passports and only they, alongside the security forces, will decide if this country’s tourism industry can again have a sustainable future.

But travel and tourism can help. Look at the way operators had swooped back into the region after the Arab Spring - and how revitalised marketing had been helping Tunisia rebound from the dreadful attack on the Bardo museum in Tunis earlier this year - before the actions of what appears to be one lone terrorist set the country back to square one.

Let the “good men” of the travel industry be one small part of the movement to ensure that this still isolated but growing evil does not triumph over the world.


Daniel Pearce
Managing Director


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