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TTG Luxury

03 Sep 2015

BY April Hutchinson


ttgluxury autumn 2015

Maldives, Hong Kong, Oman, Spas, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, snowboarding in Japan, on location at Kuoni’s Chester store and how to make the most of social media.

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You know me. I’ll do anything in my endless pursuit to bring you the latest trends and news.
It’s just the sort of kind person I am. My most recent sacrifices included checking into a number of London hotels (The Goring, The Metropolitan, St Martins Lane and The Lanesborough) to investigate their new facelifts. Some have had a mild scrub and moisturise; others have had major surgery. On I went from gold-leafed dessert to gold-leafed dessert; via in-room tablets that opened the blinds; from footman to butler.
Meanwhile, Four Seasons launched an app so they invited me to their Park Lane hotel to have a fiddle with it. While there, I had a nice facial of my own, and as I laid back and thought of London, a whirl of ideas entered my head. What did I think? That London is an epic place, both culturally and in size. It’s a frustrating place. A crowded place and one where you often see hardship. But it’s also one of incredible wealth and opportunity. One in the midst of a building boom. And one with a lot of bloomin hotels.
They all have their strengths, beauty and talent. But sometimes, you need to invest some time and cash in highlighting your best bits and in shouting about them. There will always be a newer kid on the block, and hotels, like travel agents, have got to keep reminding everyone how great they are.
One thing I found myself wishing I was better at doing was switching off the wurr of thoughts and adopting mindfulness. The practice is permeating into the mainstream as more people seek to learn the knack of “being present” and of “calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations”. It’s become part of company psyche for some – like the team at The Zetter, who opened a new hotel over the summer, and Google has someone who is dedicated to its implementation in the workforce. Mindfulness is just one part of a staggering growth in the wellness industry, but so far it seems to be something travel agents aren’t grasping. Surely we should find out more? Maybe you should be checking out more spas for your clients?
Oh, the struggles…
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