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TTG Luxury

21 Mar 2018

BY TTG Staff


ttgluxury Spring 2018

Take a stroll on the Caribbean side as the region recovers with revamps and a clutch of new resorts after a hiatus following 2017’s hurricane horror.

ttgluxury cover

How are you feeling?

As you read this, you’re probably emerging from winter, blinking into the longer days of spring after a busy peaks period and snow-filled scenes that sent us all into chaos.

And as I write it, it’s 9pm and I’m about to eat fish and chips once it’s finished; nothing about that sentence sounds healthy (or luxurious) does it?

But sometimes you just have to do whatever’s necessary don’t you; whether that’s helping snow-slowed clients to get to the airport, or working long hours to meet deadlines.

But even when things do get really busy, it’s still important to make time for ourselves – to try and find that elusive work-life balance. The inability to do this is heightened in some cases, with subsequent burnout often a symptom of overwork and the high expectations of today’s world; it’s little wonder then that more people are turning to wellbeing pursuits to get some perspective back into their lives. The World Health Organisation even now identifies stress as the “health epidemic of the 21st century”.

With access to the right experts and specialists, these kinds of wellbeing escapes or retreats can be incredibly powerful. I recall a session with a therapist at Chiva Som in Thailand who worked on my “chakras”. You may not subscribe to that philosophy, but the insights he relayed back to me were undeniable and some of my behaviours of the time changed forever as a result. Genuine life shifts can be achieved for those open to them – but if someone just needs a little “spa break”, that’s also perfectly acceptable.

Wellness is an area more luxury agents could do well to focus on, given the high level of client interaction required, and frankly, the high value of the trips. It’s a sector that does take some getting used to though, learning the language of wellness for a start – we’ve given you a heads-up on all the trends in this issue. But in the meantime, if you just want to put your feet up and have a bag of chips, that’s fine by me.


April Hutchinson
Editor, ttgluxury

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