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TTG Luxury

02 Jun 2016

BY April Hutchinson


ttgluxury Summer 2016

Long known as a honeymoon hideaway, Mauritius has much more to offer, from its hip hotels to high-adrenalin activities – and it’s having its best ever year from the UK.

tluxury cover

Shall we get engaged?


When I was younger, I dreamed of engagement. Of someone giving me a ring and of me being with someone who really wanted to be with me and I with them. And that’s what engagement was about. Then.


These days, the adult me can’t move for the word “engagement”. Hoteliers are always telling me about their “high levels of engagement” with the customer. It has even become one of those over-used phrases in luxury travel. Along with “experiential”. And “personalised”. And…

But until we have a new lexicon, we have to do our best with what we’ve got. And in fact engagement can also still be romantic and aspirational, and something longed for. Engagement, whether between hotel staff and guest; between agent and customer; or between hotels and agents is vital.

There is another reason I’ve had engagement on my mind recently. And it is definitely not marriage related. It’s because of our recent ttgluxury Uga Escapes fam trip to Sri Lanka. The engagement between our group was of a level I’ve rarely experienced on a fam trip. We were friends within minutes; within days, we were like family. No topic or emotion was left undiscussed… Five hotels in six days and many miles in a mini-van will do that to a group.

But as well as the engagement between us, there was the engagement with our wonderful hosts, the many men and women we met at the hotels and plenty of other locals along the way. And because of Uga Escapes’ keenness to engage with the agents on the trip and to make us feel so welcome in their country, a lifelong relationship has been formed. A marriage even.

It makes me sad when I hear from agents who don’t get the chance of going on many fam trips. The engagement you get from absorbing a destination can’t be matched. And while there may not be one of the romantic kind on your horizon, I hope at least you find something like the level of engagement we did some time soon.


Maybe even in the Maldives on our next ttgluxury Experience? Find out more within...



April Hutchinson
Editor, ttgluxury

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