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TTG Luxury

22 Nov 2018

BY April Hutchinson


ttgluxury Winter 2018

Offering everything from adventure holidays in the mountains of Jordan to beach breaks in Dubai, the Middle East is fast becoming a major player in luxury travel.

Generation game

Generation game

Being moved to tears by an advert takes some doing on the part of the creative team making that brief commercial, especially as most of us often watch ads with an air of annoyance. It’s usually old people, children or animals that would set most people off, including me.

As images of waste, mass consumerism and factories billowing pollution flashed before my eyes it was like the scene in A Clockwork Orange where a character is forced to watch images of violence in order to curb his own aggressive behaviour: I couldn’t look away and felt overcome with sadness.

This the new WWF advert made by Uncommon Creative Studio. Between the images of environmental collapse were desperate-looking wildlife – and the tagline? It urges people to “fight for their world”, highlighting how we are the first generation to truly know we are destroying the earth – and that we could also be the last to reverse the damage before it’s too late. WWF’s rallying cry comes in light of its new Living Planet report, in which research revealed the population sizes of wildlife have plummeted by 60% since 1970 – that’s fewer years than the average lifetime of a person.

While ever larger numbers of the UK public do care more than ever before about environmental issues such as plastic pollution and climate change, the report found they are also lacking the empowerment to make real change happen.

Everyone should be making whatever changes they can to “fight for their world”; doing something to help anyone, any creature, any place. People who work in travel and hospitality tend to – indeed should – have a wider world view, and luxury travel has enormous power to be responsible and powerful in effecting change. As a busy 2018 draws to close, maybe your New Year’s resolutions can be revolutions instead. I’ll certainly give it a go.



April Hutchinson
Editor, ttgluxury

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