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Gareth Marshall
Gareth Marshall
30 Mar 2020 08:24
Gov’t cash grant for Retail, Hospitality and Leisure sectors

Hello TTG. We are a small tour operator specialising in ski, activity & villa holidays. Do you know whether or not office premises in England for tour operators / travel companies are included within the government cash grant for Retail, Hospitality and Leisure sectors? I am assuming not but wondered whether you could clarify. On Companies House our nature of business is

  • 79120 - Tour operator activities.
  • Thanking you
  • Gareth
Gareth Marshall Gareth Marshall 10 hours ago
Hi Jonathan   Thank you for this information. Yes, I thought this would be the case as our pr... Read more
2 responses 2 Collaborators 24 Views

Julie Croucher
Julie Croucher
25 Mar 2020 13:19
Why are our borders still open?

I can't believe that no one in the travel industry has asked the government why the UK has not closed it's borders when the rest of the world has? There is no point in putting us all on lockdown if every day thousands of people are still arriving into the UK. Yesterday alone we saw hundreds of flights landing from around the world into LHR including from Madrid, Rome, Paris and China!! OK if they are repatriation flights but I don't think they are and even more worrying there are no health checks in place on arrival, not even screening, temperature taking, sanitiser or notices advising people what they should do! We have had clients return from India on Friday and Thailand on Sunday who said that on arrival there were no precautions and no questions asked of anyone ... and plenty of hugging and kissing in the arrivals hall, certainly not 2 metres apart! Come on UK, be realistic ... how can you expect to stop the virus spreading while you are continuing to add thousands of possible cases to the already overloaded NHS service?

Alan Bowen Alan Bowen 4 days ago
The only definitive answer as to why our borders have not been closed can only come from the Home Se... Read more
1 responses 2 Collaborators 52 Views

Norma Fenwick
Norma Fenwick
23 Mar 2020 14:33
UK Government to agree to PTR credit note change

Hi TTG. Do you know if the credit notes are to be flexible or if they can only be used with the airline selected on the original booking? I agree with credit notes being issued, but if the deal is that they can only be used with the original airline I feel this is limiting the choice when rebooking.

ian richardson ian richardson 6 days ago
As a customer who has been wrongly refused a refund on a cancelled holiday. It would appear to me th... Read more
3 responses 3 Collaborators 122 Views

David Holland
David Holland
19 Mar 2020 12:58
Cancellation, insurance cover and our terms & conditions

Putting aside the FCO directive and claims to insurers for a moment, we neither advise not sell travel insurance but we do have a clause in our t's & c's requiring the client to take adequate insurance to cover the full cost of cancellation (up to 100%). One example we have is the client's insurance only has £1000 cancellation cover on their £12,000 booking cost. Are we in our rights to refuse to refund the remaining amount as they have not complied with our t's & c's? Thank you.

David Holland David Holland 19 Mar 2020 17:26
Thank you Alan, just as I thought. Best wishes, David Read more
2 responses 3 Collaborators 200 Views

Ian Scott
Ian Scott
19 Mar 2020 12:26
Brazil question

Brazil’s borders are open (I believe); and my BA Flight is still operating (departing 04 April).

My TO is cancelling the trip further to the Gvts recent announcement, but the flight is operating as normal. The ground was booked through Latin Routes, the air I did directly using Avios, cash and a companion voucher.

What do I do? This was a ‘once in a lifetime trip’ that I cannot just push back to later in the year.

Andrew Doherty Andrew Doherty 7 days ago
Hi Ian, our expert Martin Alcock had the following answer for you: "I assume Latin Routes has sold ... Read more
2 responses 3 Collaborators 151 Views

Abra Dunsby
Abra Dunsby
18 Mar 2020 16:57
We received this query via email today, from Diane Pettitt, manager at Imp Travel Ltd:

"Can Tour Operators legally say that they are not refunding clients who are travelling to India and Mexico and that they have to claim on their travel insurance. Thanks"

Our expert Farina Azam of Kemp Little had the following answer for Diane:

"If their trip is due to depart within the next 30 days (which means they’re affected by the FCO advice against all but essential international travel), then there is an argument that Reg 12(7) of the PTRs do not apply to these circumstances, and as such customers are not automatically entitled to a full refund of their trip. As such, customers should be offered a postponement of their trip in the first instance. If they insist on cancelling, they should directed to make a claim on their travel insurance. If the insurance doesn’t cover them (or they don’t have any), then a decision needs to be made as to whether a refund should be paid out under Reg. 12(7) of the PTRs. If the answer is yes, customer is entitled to a refund, you have to make refunds within 14 days. However, my advice would be to hold off paying a refund until we’ve heard further from ABTA/CAA as to whether the government has managed to have the rules around refunds relaxed – we should know more within the coming days."
Andrew Doherty Andrew Doherty 19 Mar 2020 16:57
Hi Brian, our expert Farina Azam of Kemp Little had the following answer for you:   "If the F... Read more
2 responses 3 Collaborators 112 Views

Keri Gee
Keri Gee
18 Mar 2020 15:19
Credit Note

Can you tell me – if my client accepts a Credit Note from a tour operator who will not give a refund for a holiday due to travel in the next 5 days to the Maldives, how would my clients then stand if the tour operator became insolvent?

Phil thrich Phil thrich 18 Mar 2020 19:59
Must be a refund.   no credit note.   when passengers booked the rule was refund if se... Read more
3 responses 4 Collaborators 270 Views

Kathy PrescottKathyP
Kathy PrescottKathyP
18 Mar 2020 15:16

Clients booked to go to NYC 22 March then on to Barbados. BA not cancelled the London /New York flight. The tour operator is saying because the FCO website is saying all but essential travel & the flight is still operating they do not need to refund the clients,

is this correct ?

I was of the understanding they should be covered under the passenger travel regulations. They are British citizens.

Kathy PrescottKathyP Kathy PrescottKathyP 18 Mar 2020 17:58
Thanks, I am hoping BA cancel the flights... but do not want the flight as a no show either as this ... Read more
3 responses 5 Collaborators 178 Views

Sue Alexander
Sue Alexander
18 Mar 2020 15:15

Hi Can you please clarify what ATOL Protection actually means now. It appears that Airlines, suppliers and Hotels can choose not to refund for cancelled trips and Tour Operators are unable to offer a complete refund to the Clients. If the Government changes the PTR to suit the situation the confidence of the public will be in tatters and we, as an industry, will face a huge backlash when this all goes away. Should some of the £320bn the Government have promised go towards shoring up the refunds that the public have been promised- because they hold a piece of yellow paper - rather than changing the Goal posts around them?

If these rumoured changes to the PTR are made then ATOL Protection will not be fit for purpose.

Sue Alexander Sue Alexander 19 Mar 2020 14:38
Hi Martin thank you very much for your very informative reply. We have had a few circumstances over ... Read more
3 responses 3 Collaborators 186 Views

dawn scase
dawn scase
18 Mar 2020 15:08
Assistance from the government

Hi, we run a tour operating business from premises in our garden and we are not sure if any of the government grants would apply to our small business. We don't have rates but have lost a huge amount of money in forward bookings. In our opinion the travel sector would probably have a longer recovery period than local cafes etc as we are dependent on borders opening and confidence from travellers.

Jonathan Wall Jonathan Wall 18 Mar 2020 17:50
There has been lots of high level announcements which are welcoming to small business owners but no-... Read more
1 responses 2 Collaborators 164 Views

Pauline Hill
Pauline Hill
18 Mar 2020 14:58
Refund Parity

Hi ! Thanks for supporting us !

Please can you challenge as to why we are being told by certain operators, clients are not due any refund, the client is then calling the operator and being told they would get a full refund..... Its making us agents out to be absolute idiots.

(Operator on this occasion is Jet2 Holidays).

0 responses 2 Collaborators 76 Views

Anna Howard
Anna Howard
18 Mar 2020 13:31
Section 75 Charge backs

Will customers be able to hit us with chargebacks in the event of not getting a refund and just being offered an amendment or credit note? Especially would like to know from a self employed home worker point of view, would it be me hit with the chargeback or my company? Also, will the customer be successful in this method as purchased under the PTR which we are now finding isn't worth the paper it was printed on. Thanks in advance for any replies

Alan Bowen Alan Bowen 18 Mar 2020 16:22
To be successful a customer would have to show there had been a breach of contract on the part of th... Read more
1 responses 4 Collaborators 235 Views
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