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04 May 2017

Mystery Shopper's seller of the week: Great Rail Journeys

This week our secret shopper was in Huddersfield to book a fortnight on Scandinavian rail for a middle-aged couple

Seller of the Week: Great Rail Journeys

The mystery shopper visited two travel agencies in Huddersfield and requested a two-week Scandinavian rail holiday for a middle-aged couple, with a budget of £8,000.

They then made two searches using the term ‘Scandinavia rail holiday’.

The winner

The winner

Great Rail Journeys


Score: 90%

Mystery Shopper said:
The website had eye-catching pictures, was easy to navigate and looked professional. The contact number was at the top of the page too, which saved me from searching for ways to get help. The consultant that I phoned was very enthusiastic and polite. They enquired about my budget and asked me if there were any particular places that I wanted to visit during my holiday. They then recommended locations that they thought would be of interest to me. The agent informed me that the hotels were four-star and said that they were on a B&B basis, leaving me to be flexible with upgrades should I desire them. I was told the best trip would be three nights each in Bergen, Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen. They explained that they would tailor-make a package and took my details down. They sent me a package for £4,350 with Gatwick flights included, I felt encouraged to book because of the consultant’s service.

Great Rail Journeys’ selling tips for a Scandinavian rail holiday:

  1. A Scandinavian rail holiday is a great way for clients to experience cuisine unique to the region such as fermented fish, delicious dark breads and a Swedish “smorgasbord” in its original environment.

  2. A rail holiday presents clients with opportunities to enjoy untouched nature and visually striking scenery, such as the Icelandic coastal fjords.

  3. Guests can enjoy amazing train journeys traversing cinematic landscapes famous for their beauty, such as the iconic Oslo to Bergen line – also the planet of Hoth in Star Wars.

  4. Scandinavian rail holidays are perfect for embracing culture, history and art in amazing capital cities.

  5. Great Rail Journeys tours are content rich, giving our customers a wide variety of experiences and excellent value for money.

React Surveys explainer / disclaimer

TTG has teamed up with React Surveys to simulate a realistic booking process each week – that means a mystery shopper looking for the best deal from agents and operators on the high street, online, on TV or in newspapers. The Mystery Shopper research is carried out on behalf of TTG by React Surveys,and no further details or information can be disclosed. Researchers take into consideration first impression, sales process, product and budget match and extras offered before giving an unbiased opinion of which channel/company they would have booked with on that occasion. We do not claim that the winner is the best in an area or specialist sector, as we may report on competing travel firms in the future. Please note that the aim of Mystery Shopper is not to criticise individual agents or companies, but to promote good sales technique for the benefit of all in the travel trade.

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