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02 Jun 2016

Mystery Shopper's seller of the week: Nikki Weir, Thomas Cook

This week we staked out Warrington, bound for Fiji with £9,000 burning a hole in our pocket

Mystery Shopper Nikki Weir

The mystery shopper visited two travel agencies in Wokingham, Surrey and requested a 10-14 day holiday to Fiji for a couple in October, with
a budget of £9,000.


They then made two searches using the term ‘Fiji holidays’.

The winner

The winner

Thomas Cook

16 Market Place


Score 78%


Mystery Shopper said: The store was well maintained from the outside and clean and tidy on the inside, if a little dated. The consultants looked smart. One was sat at a desk towards the back and they beckoned me over. They admitted to not knowing the area. They explained they had no brochures but would call a specialist provider to see what was available. They involved me in that conversation, discussing flights, a stopover in Hong Kong and upgrading to a superior room in Fiji. When all the details were pulled together, they gave me a quote, which was within budget at £7,381. The whole process was relaxed and friendly and I was consulted at every step. They said if I paid a deposit and changed my mind, it could be put towards another holiday. I felt like I was in safe hands here. Spending this amount of money, I would want to be able to speak to a consultant face to face and sort out any problems with a person.

Meet the consultant

Meet the consultant

Nikki Weir

travel advisor

Thomas Cook Farnborough

Nikki was on a relief shift at Thomas Cook Wokingham


How long in travel?
About 12 years. I started at Going Places, which was bought by Thomas Cook.

How common is a Fiji booking?
Not at all. It’s the first one I’ve ever had. I phoned Thomas Cook Signature and Netflights, which were very helpful, and I enjoyed learning about Fiji. I didn’t know it has 300 islands.

What’s a more common enquiry?
Spain is booming, because people are staying away from Turkey.

What’s your advice for Turkey?
I went there last year and I’m going again this year so I’m trying to reassure people it’s still fine to go.

What’s on your bucket list?
A Caribbean cruise – just need to convince the hubbie to go on a ship first.

Any famous faces in Farnborough?
Yes, Reggie and Bollie! They came to the town centre for The X Factor and I invited them into the shop.

React Surveys explainer / disclaimer

TTG has teamed up with React Surveys to simulate a realistic booking process each week – that means a mystery shopper looking for the best deal from agents and operators on the high street, online, on TV or in newspapers. The Mystery Shopper research is carried out on behalf of TTG by React Surveys,and no further details or information can be disclosed. Researchers take into consideration first impression, sales process, product and budget match and extras offered before giving an unbiased opinion of which channel/company they would have booked with on that occasion. We do not claim that the winner is the best in an area or specialist sector, as we may report on competing travel firms in the future. Please note that the aim of Mystery Shopper is not to criticise individual agents or companies, but to promote good sales technique for the benefit of all in the travel trade.

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