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11 Jan 2018

BY Andrew Doherty


Busting the myths around selling sensual adult-themed getaways

Selling sensual adults-themed holidays can be a lucrative arm for your business, says John Lombari, director at Abbot Travel. Andrew Doherty speaks to the agency owner on how to capitalise on this growing market.

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"If you have a customer who is open minded and fun-loving, just suggest it. What’s the worst that is going to happen..."

The idea of selling a resort that terms itself “topless-optional”, “clothing-optional” or “erotic” might seem more than a little daunting for many agents. Yet the adults-only market can cater to a multitude of clients with different tastes, from the less risque topless-optional hotels such as Temptation Resort Cancun, to the more sexually adventurous Hedonism and Desire brands.


John Lombari, director at Royston-based travel agency Abbot Travel and owner of Uniquely Adult – a new tour operator that specialises in adult-themed hotels – says that selling to this market has resulted in strong profits for his agency.


“We have been selling more sexually adventurous holidays for as little as £899pp, rising right the way through to £5,000pp. If a client is getting what they want, they will pay a lot of money for that. For certain customers those experiences are priceless.”


Lombari explains that there is something available for clients of various tastes and confidence levels. He says that hotels such as Temptation allow clients to experience a risque hotel and have “an absolute blast” without the concern of seeing things beyond their comfort zone.


“From what I experienced on a recent fam trip, Temptation offers a similar experience to what you might find in Ibiza or Las Vegas.”


For clients seeking something more adventurous, Lombari explains that the couples-only Hedonism and Desire resorts in Jamaica and Mexico respectively, offer a much more risque getaway. And while acknowledging some agents may feel uncomfortable broaching the subject of such holidays, he offers some suggestions of how to go about it.


“I would firstly look at your clientele. If you have a customer who is open minded and fun-loving, just suggest it. What’s the worst that is going to happen: they will say no. These types of holidays are a fun product where older people can go and enjoy doing something they have never done before, or if they are young and unattached, to try something completely different.”


Grown-up experiences

Now that Lombari has launched Uniquely Adult, he is confident it will prove popular.


“We are a brand that will not undercut the trade. We guarantee that we will be cheaper than anyone else for the hotels we are selling. Agents can log into the website at and anybody with an Abta number will be able to do so too. We are also working on a system that will allow homeworkers to utilise it.”


Uniquely Adult currently offers properties in the Caribbean and Mexico, with plans for future expansion already in the pipeline.


“If this takes o like we think it could do, there are at least another seven hotels in the Mediterranean that we’ve spoken to and are interested in the concept,” he adds.


The website features a ratings system that agents can use to help guide them when recommending the various hotels and their concepts to clients.


“A less risque hotel that offers no more than skinny dipping will have a very mild rating and something like Desire in Riviera Maya is going to be our hottest rating. Agents and clients can go through each of them and work out what’s right or not right for them.”


And Lombari is certain that he is on to a winner with Uniquely Adult.


“Many married couples feel that their love lives have fallen a little flat and they need an experience to renew the excitement. Temptation, and hotels like it, could give them that boost.”

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