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21 Sep 2016

BY Abigail Healy


Meet the Rep: Funway's Amy Drummond

Chocolate-loving Amy Drummond, business development manager for Funway Holidays, chats about topics close to her heart, such as Coco Bongo and force-feeding agents hot dogs


"I’m always looking for extra chocolate or biscuits that don’t get eaten on agency visits"

Describe your typical week

Every week there’s something different. Mondays are spent at home catching up with admin and thanking key agents for their business the week before. I’m on the road four days a week, from Tuesday to Friday, travelling anything from 300 to 600 miles and I could be anywhere from Inverness to Sheffield.


How big is Funway’s sales team?

There are five of us in the team. I cover Scotland, the north-east, Northern Ireland and Yorkshire; Craig Liddle covers the south-west, south-east, south London and south Wales; and Andy Travis is our national sales manager based in the north-west. Anna Hawkins is on maternity – Katie Daniels is covering for her in north London, Essex and the Midlands. The team is headed up by Amanda Darrington, our sales director.


What would we find in your car?

I’m always looking for extra chocolate or biscuits that don’t get eaten on agency visits to keep me occupied in traffic. My glove compartment is pretty organised (by my Dad) with important car stuff so I’m prepared for every eventuality.


What’s on the radio?

On the road I am my own DJ and will listen to anything from Calvin Harris to Lionel Ritchie.


What food keeps you going on the road?

I very rarely eat fast food but I’m always snacking on fruit, crisps, chocolate – anything really – while I’m on the move.


What’s the silliest thing you’ve ever done as part of a sales visit?

Whatever weird and wacky ideas my marketing team come up with, but one that springs to mind was force-feeding hot dogs to agents for a July 4 promotion.


Who would be your ideal driving companion on a long journey?

Alan Carr­ the Chatty Man – he’d be the only person who’d keep up with my chatting.


What’s your favourite alcoholic drink?

Rum and Coke, because it’s the taste of the Caribbean.


What’s the best question a travel agent has ever asked you?

An agent once asked me for directions to somewhere local in their area, which was hundreds of miles from where I live. I made it up so I hope they don’t read this.


What’s the most lost you have ever got?

I don’t know because I was that lost. Sat Nav is my best friend.


Which is your favourite destination that you sell?

Mexico. I’ve just come back from a fam trip and it was incredible. The highlight had to be Coco Bongo with flying acrobats, stage shows, bubbles and confetti. It was definitely one of the best nightclubs I’ve ever been to.


What key messages do you try to convey in an agent visit?

I make sure agents are aware of our fantastic monthly offers to the US, Mexico and the Caribbean, that we are a tailor-made specialist and that our reservations team are happy to help with every request. I also point out our unique selling points and what makes us stand out.


What’s your advice for agents who don’t currently sell your product but are keen?

That they’re missing out. We have such a huge range of accommodation options available and holiday types. We’re always adding new product and launching new destinations too so we have plenty of options to suit their clients. We also fully support our agent partners on every level.



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