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19 Oct 2018

BY Andrew Doherty


Switching off: Honeymoons to encourage a digital detox

Honeymoons are times for couples to give each other their undivided attention – without the interruption of a new WhatsApp alert. Andrew Doherty rounds up honeymoons to help clients go offline

Aristi Mountain.jpg

Help honeymooners go offline and enjoy their newlywed status with these off-grid resorts

Explore the wilds of Greece

Built on the upper section of the Aristi village in northwestern Greece, the Aristi Mountain Resort & Villas offers several packages encouraging honeymooners to disconnect from the
digital world and explore the woodlands of the Zagori region surrounding the property instead.

Stella Sidera, general manager, says: “From kayaking in the Voidomatis river to canyoning and hang-gliding in the Pindus mountains and Drakolimni lake, Aristi offers the perfect excuse to ditch technology.

“Wi-Fi is available for those who require it, as we don’t want to force our guests into a digital detox, but we find that couples want to return to a time when digital devices were not at the centre of their lives.”

Book it:
Exsus Travel offers the Mountain Retreats & Island Getaways tour from £1,250pp and includes two nights in Meteora, four nights at Aristi and three nights at Old Perithia. Price includes flights, car hire and ferry transport.

  • exsus.com

Stay in an American ghost town

Stay in an American ghost town

With accommodation including restored hand-built log cabins used by miners in the 1800s, Dunton Hot Springs in the San Juan Mountains of the Colorado Rockies offers a Mountain Romance package for couples looking to escape the trappings of modern life.

The three-night experience includes champagne upon arrival, a spa treatment and unlimited access to outdoor equipment.

“We inadvertently enforce a digital detox in the sense that we don’t have any cell reception within an hour’s drive of us,” says Edoardo Rossi, executive vice president of Dunton.

“Hearing cell phones ringing is an anomaly. However, we do have phones in the cabins and tents if guests want to stay connected with the outside world.”

Book it: Red Savannah offers five nights at Dunton Hot Springs from £1,542pp based on two adults sharing an Echo Cabin.

  • redsavannah.com

Disconnect in the Scottish countryside

Disconnect in the Scottish countryside

Slow Wi-Fi and limited phone signal make a stay at Brae Cottage on the Monzie estate near Perth in Scotland ideal for a digital detox break, says estate owner Alexandra Crichton.

“We are happy to remove the Wi-Fi router and can hold guests’ phones and electronic devices in a safe box too. Many people choose to manage their own detox, but with the outdoor hot tub and stunning scenery, they often find themselves doing it anyway.

“Clients can also explore the 4,000-acre estate, and there are plenty of maps, guides and walking routes to enjoy.”

Book it: Prices start from £175pn for a minimum of two nights. Agents earn 12% commission 
for every booking emailed to info@monzieestate.com.

  • monzieestate.com

Escape to a private Caribbean island

Escape to a private Caribbean island

With mobile-free beaches and limited internet access, couples staying at the Palm Island Resort & Spa in the Grenadines can have an authentic Robinson Crusoe experience, says Paula Whitehead, European managing director, Elite Island Resorts.

“After all the preparations and the excitement of a wedding, we know that honeymooners want, above all, to relax and find time for each other, which is why our limited Wi-Fi and mobile-free beaches, which have been in place for many years now, have been so well received,” she adds.

Whitehead explains that digital detoxing is just one part of Elite Island Resorts’ complimentary wellbeing offerings, which include the Caribbean Choir workshops, paddle-board yoga and the Colour Me Calm adult colouring book. All of these activities have been designed to encourage clients to ditch their electronic devices.

Book it: Kuoni has a week at the Palm Island Resort & Spa, the Grenadines, from £2,599pp in a Palm View Room with flights included.

  • kuoni.co.uk

Relax at an Indian Ocean hideaway

Relax at an Indian Ocean hideaway

Situated 370 miles from Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, Rodrigues Island offers honeymooners a destination unspoilt by tourism.

Nikki Hain, product manager at Premier Holidays, recommends a stay at the four-star Tekoma Boutik hotel, which is new for the operator.

“The property is a cosy retreat near the beautiful Anse Ally beach and far enough from other dwellings to make it feel remote and exclusive. Many guests want to disconnect from modern technology and spend quality time with each other. Wi-Fi is available, but getting a signal on your mobile can be tricky – you have to know the right spots, which means people can put away their phones and truly appreciate where they are.”

Book it: Premier Holidays offers seven nights at Tekoma Boutik Hotel from £1,775pp with flights and transfers included.

  • trade.premierholidays.co.uk

Try a taste of Berber life in the Atlas Mountains

Try a taste of Berber life in the Atlas Mountains

Sir Richard Branson’s Moroccan retreat Kasbah Tamadot, situated in the Atlas Mountains, offers newlyweds the chance to stay in a Berber tent as well as a romance package including a couple’s hammam and a rooftop candlelit dinner.

General manager Emma Savin says clients are encouraged to switch off their electronic devices in communal areas to facilitate the “unplugged” vibe of the property.

“Many of our honeymooners love to leave their phones behind and immerse themselves in the local culture. A favourite activity for couples is a visit to The Eve Branson Foundation in the nearby village of Tansghart.

“Here, they have the chance to learn about the charity’s sustainable enterprises and meet the locals over a cup of traditional mint tea.”

Book it: Classic Collection offers a seven-night honeymoon package from £5,162 with flights and transfers included. Price is valid for an April 3, 2019, departure.

  • classic-collection.co.uk

Go offline in luxurious surroundings

Go offline in luxurious surroundings

Designed by architect and owner Nick Troubetzkoy, Jade Mountain in St Lucia offers honeymooners a selection of Wi-Fi-free open-air sanctuaries with breathtaking views of the Pitons.

Karolin Troubetzkoy, executive director of marketing, explains: “With no telephones, radios or televisions in their sanctuaries, honeymooners are encouraged to relax, unwind and enjoy their beautiful surroundings.

“Jade Mountain’s digital detox ethos has proved incredibly popular with couples who want to spend quality time together and detach from the stresses of modern life.”

Book it: Caribtours has seven nights all-inclusive from £3,849pp in a Sky Jacuzzi Suite.

  • caribtours.co.uk
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