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Travel industry news

16 Nov 2018

BY Rob Gill


Abta urges travel firms to continue Brexit planning

Abta’s chief executive Mark Tanzer has advised members to continue with their contingency planning for Brexit despite the UK government agreeing a deal with the EU.

EU and Union Jack flags - Brexit image

Tanzer said the industry had to carry on with its post-Brexit contingency plans because it was uncertain whether prime minister Theresa May would be able to get the proposed deal with the EU through the UK parliament – particularly after a string of high-profile resignations from the cabinet this week.

“What this tells us is that there is still a way to go before the industry has the much-needed certainty about what will happen after March 29 next year,” said Tanzer in a column.

“Given the ongoing uncertainty it is advisable that members continue with contingency planning in order to make sure you are prepared, whatever the scenario.”

Abta is planning to help members deal with this Brexit uncertainty by sending out information that they can pass on to customers.

“It will focus on reasonable actions travellers can take in order to avoid any unnecessary disruption,” explained Tanzer. “This information will be sent to members in the next couple of weeks through an Abta Today Special email, it will then be made available to consumers on our website a few days later.”

Tanzer also welcomed the European Commission’s “technical notice” on what would happen in a no-deal scenario from March 29, 2019.

“We welcome the announcement that UK travellers will not need a visa to travel to EU countries after March 2019, even in a no-deal scenario,” added Tanzer. “It is worth recognising though, that this is subject to the UK reciprocating the arrangement.

“The notice also outlined the situation for UK airlines if a deal was not reached. Under the proposed arrangements, airlines operating flights between the UK and the EU could continue as usual.”

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