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Travel industry news

30 Nov 2018

BY James Chapple


Babbel to launch international ‘language travel’ booking platform

Language learning app Babbel will launch into the language travel market next year with the launch of an international “language travel” booking platform.

Babbel Launch.jpg

Babbel to launch international ‘language travel’ booking platform

Babbel’s vision will be brought to fruition by its earlier acquisition of LingoVentura, which already handles bookings for 200 language schools across more than 100 cities and countries.

Its aim is to create an international booking platform for language learners to connect them with a “curated selection” of these institutions and facilitate their travel.

According to Babbel, the international language travel market is currently in “the low billions” (Euros) off the back of around three million bookings a year.

“The language travel market today looks a lot like travel market in the early 2000s where you would book your trip via a travel office or directly with a hotel - it’s still very fragmented,” said Florian Oberleithner, Babbel corporate strategy manager and head of the travel project.

“We are going to change that by launching a central platform to the millions of language learners we already reach via our app.”

The company wants to accelerate its growth in the market by reaching “untapped segments” through the millions of people who already have a paid subscription to Babbel’s language learning app, demonstrating the “strong potential for interest” in language travel.

Babbel says the platform will launch next year, but has set no firm date for the rollout.

“I think it is time to open the door for the whole language-learning industry to profit from what we have built,” said Babbel chief operating officer Martin Kutter, who oversaw the acquisition of LingoVentura.

Markus Witte, Babbel chief executive and founder, added: “Babbel has managed to take language-learning into the mainstream, reaching millions of people that would never have picked up a language otherwise.


"Connecting our audience with the great partner schools we are going to feature on the new platform benefits the whole market.”

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