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Travel industry news

20 Mar 2019

BY April Hutchinson


Can travel really transform your life? Black Tomato thinks so

This range of new trips from Black Tomato claims to transform clients’ lives, literally.


Black Tomato is launching a set of innovative new travel experiences focused on creativity, entrepreneurialism, family and community, sustainability and wellness.


Under the umbrella of Bring It Back, there will be seven “immersive itineraries” around the world that have been designed to address what the company sees as increasingly common needs and woes.


“We view travel as a step towards self-actualisation – a powerful tool that can provide answers to questions, solve problems, and help us realise goals that so often feel out of reach,” said Black Tomato co-founder Tom Marchant.


“Each itinerary is designed to help clients answer questions and gain understanding in relation to these specific areas, through known authorities and true experts in their fields.


"Our ambition is that these trips are the transformative travel experience of a lifetime.”


The trips include Peru, where the need addressed is the drive to live a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.


“Peruvians have long had a close relationship with their land and ocean and what they reap from it,” said Marchant.


“Guests can reconnect with their surroundings and learn how sustainability, local sourcing and healthy living go hand in hand.


"They can participate in and learn from expert chefs in classes featuring Amazonian superfruits, then learn ancient earthen cooking techniques with local farmers.”


Also on the list is a trip to Copenhagen designed to help address the need for a better work/life balance and gain an understanding of the Danish work culture.


Clients spend a day with a Danish journalist known for his promotion of work/life balance and parental leave, shadowing his daily routine from deadlines at the office to picking up his children from daycare and visiting the playground on the way home.


There’s also breakfast with a high-ranking executive at a leading global organization to understand how her work/home routine differs in Copenhagen compared to other cities where she has worked and lived.


Marchant said the idea is to help clients understand the Scandinavian attitude to work, gathering ideas to help modernise perhaps their company’s culture or adopting techniques to apply to personal family life.

Milking a yak in Mongolia

In Cuba, the need addressed is “translating passion into a career”, by delving into the country’s arts scene and meeting creative talents such as Brenda Navarette, and meeting young Cuban documentary filmmakers via Escuela Internacional de Cine y Television.


Improving family relationships can be explored in Mongolia, learning from multi-generational nomadic communities, while Morocco is the backdrop for helping people rediscover their creative spark, maximising travellers’ exposure to creative ideas.


Ibiza has been chosen as the Bring It Back place to go for a wellness jumpstart, including masterclasses in the macrobiotic lifestyle and daily personalised yoga and meditation sessions with a world-famous guru.


And finally, in Iceland, the “need addressed” is entrepreneurial inspiration on a trip designed to help people gain business inspiration in a country that has “bounced back from economic hardship to become a roaring travel industry success”.


During the trip, clients meet with senior managers at The Retreat at the Blue Lagoon to learn how they thrived after Iceland's economic crash; journey into the magma chamber of a dormant volcano for a private breakfast; and meet with an entrepreneur to learn how he capitalised on Iceland’s now-infamous volcanic eruption in 2010.


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