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Travel industry news

23 Jun 2017

BY TTG Staff


Consumers continuing to 'splash out' on travel, research shows

Despite the economic climate, data from Kantar Media shows that UK consumers are continuing to splash out on travel.

AMResorts Beach.jpg

Data shows that UK consumers are continuing to splash out on travel

11% of adults are reported to have spent £2,500 or more on their holidays

Kantar Media’s in-depth survey using TGI (target group index) data has revealed some interesting facts when it comes to customers booking their next holiday.


Richard Keogh, managing director said: "Despite a tough economic climate, our data shows that UK consumers are continuing to splash out on travel.


"The variety of choice at any holidaymaker’s fingertips – from destination and activities to transport and accommodation – has made it easier and more exciting to book holidays than ever before, but it has also raised the competitive stakes for brands, making it critical to maximise campaign effectiveness and minimise wastage."

He added: “One of the best ways to do this is through intelligent targeting. As a travel company, demonstrating that you understand your customers at a granular level – recognising their different behaviours, attitudes and motivations whether they are a beach lover or city breaker, single traveller or young parent – is a vital part of attracting interest, encouraging conversions and promoting loyalty. Brands that are able to harness consumer insights to inform all elements of their business strategy stand to gain – and maintain – market share.”


How many people are holidaying?


In the past year, 61% of adults have taken a holiday or short break of up to four days. According to Kantar Media’s survey, the youngest adults are noticeably less likely to have taken any in the past year – only 49% of 15-19-year-olds have done so, compared to two-thirds of those aged 55+.


Adults are spending more on holidays


The spending on holidays has risen, as 11% of adults are reported to have spent £2,500 or more on their holidays in the past year - up from 8% five years ago - and over a quarter of adults have spent £1,000 or more. Similarly, 15% of adults have spent £500 or more on short breaks.


The most popular holidays


Among those who have taken a holiday or short break in the past year, the most popular type of holiday is beach or resort, followed by a holiday centre, a city break and staying amongst lakes and mountains.


According to Kantar Media, those who take city breaks are 23% more likely to say they are passionate about travelling, 21% more likely to say they try to go somewhere different on holiday every time and 20% more likely to agree that newspaper and magazine articles about holidays and travel influence their holiday choice.


Short breaks are popular among men


When it comes to short breaks, 41% of adults have taken at least one in the past year in the British Isles and 18% have taken at least one abroad.


Short breaks abroad are particularly popular amongst men at the younger end of the age spectrum. Men are 27% more likely than the average holidaymaker to have taken four or more short breaks in the last 12 months and these short breakers are also 69% more likely to be aged 30 or under.

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