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09 Jan 2017

BY Edward Robertson

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Europe faces draconian new travel rules

International travellers in Europe could soon be forced to buy tickets more than 12 hours in advance in a new security crack down.

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Europe faces draconian new travel rules

The plan is already being taken seriously in Belgium which could introduce new rules also requiring travellers to identify themselves before buying a ticket.


The Sunday Times reports an airport-style boarding system could be introduced for all rail, bus and ferry travel going in and out of the country.


The scheme is in response to recent terrorist attacks across Europe and could be adopted by other countries if it proves to be effective.


A spokesman for the Belgian interior minister Jan Jambon said: “Ideally, we would like to be able to say, from a security perspective, that tickets can’t be sold for less than 12 hours before departure.


“We need to have a database of all passengers that authorities can check before departure, and a system for identifying passengers before boarding bus, planes or ships.”


Travel companies failing to comply face fines of up to €50,000, causing many to lodge complaints with the authorities.

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