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Travel industry news

22 Nov 2018

BY Pippa Jacks


Five simple pointers to help grow your business

Travel Counsellor Louise Edwards shared how she had been able to grow her business and become a Gold Travel Counsellor in the 12 months since the last conference.

Louise Edwards, Travel Counsellors Conference 2018

1. Work set hours

“I was at my desk by 8am and finished by 4.30, and I didn’t open up Facebook or eBay. From 8am till 9am was my ‘golden hour’ when I did all the tickets, so my desk was clear to focus on enquiries. I’ve never told my customers that I don’t work Saturdays and evenings, but as they get to know you, and that you have family, they stop expecting it.”

2. Weed out time-wasters

“You know the kind – they tag you on Facebook and say, ‘Can I have Burj Al Arab for £300 next week.’ Now, instead of telling them I will call them, I say, please call me in the office. That’s weeded a lot out.”

3. Pick up the phone

“I don’t do email conversations now. I chase everyone by phone. I used to shy away from calling as it felt like stalking, but it works.”

4. Ask for referrals

“I didn’t like to ask clients to refer me, but I started saying, ‘I can’t survive against the big boys if you don’t tell others about me.’ I’ve had loads of customers through referrals this year.”

5. Focus on yourself

“Forget about what sales others are doing. Everyone has different lives. I just set myself my own little goals. I get to be a mum, but I get to be a mum doing a job that I am absolutely passionate about.”

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