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Travel industry news

16 Mar 2016

BY Tom Parry


Travellers reveal their preferences, and attitudes to ‘illegal countries’

Some 61% of LGBT travellers would refuse to travel to a destination where it is illegal to be gay, a new survey carried out jointly by online travel agency OutOfOffice.com and Attitude magazine has found.


61% of LGBT travellers refuse to visit destinations with anti-homosexuality laws

More than half of the 900 men (64%) and woman (32%) questioned said they would rather stay at home than visit a country where homosexuality is criminalised and in some cases, punishable by death.


Currently same-sex relations are illegal in more than 70 nations – with African countries, such as Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria, making up more than half of the overall total.


Closer to home, Russia has also come under fire for its treatment of LGBT citizens before the hosting of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.


Despite these statistics, the questionnaire found that 60% of travellers do not want to be restricted to LGBT-friendly destinations only, and want the freedom to travel to anywhere.


Paris was the most popular city that the respondents said they expected to visit in the next 12 months, with Barcelona and Amsterdam next on the list.


Internationally, New York was the most visited destination with Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami and Thailand next.




OutOfOffice founder Darren Burn said: “It’s clear that there is still a lot of trepidation when it comes to choosing where to travel as an LGBT individual.


“While there are parts of the world where it’s dangerous to be LGBT, there are also parts of the world that outlaw homosexuality but that with the proper advice it is still safe to travel to, such as India and the Maldives.”


Burn, who is a former ITV News journalist, added: “The law is developing all the time and it’s important that LGBT travellers seek expert advice before travelling to certain destinations.”


“I set up OutOfOffice.com in order to help provide up-to-date information and to build complex itineraries for the LGBT community. We’re always happy to offer advice free of charge for anyone who has concerns.”

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