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Travel industry news

24 Jun 2019

BY April Hutchinson


TTG Luxury Summer 2019

As summer arrives, thoughts turn to classic holidays in the Mediterranean, where Greece and Turkey are emerging as the clear winners in an otherwise shaky travel climate.

Time for a clear-out?

Time for a clear-out?

I’ve spent much of the last few months having a life cleanse; I may well have had a body detox in January – but that was fleeting compared to my home detox. The epic “tidy-up” of my personal space is an ongoing mission as I chip away one pile, one shelf, one cupboard at a time.

I feel more organised, naturally, but there’s no denying a sense of mental and emotional clarity has also followed. Sure, it just generally needed doing, but I was also spurred on by the excellent Netflix series Tidying Up With Marie Kondo – hosted by the Japanese tidying genius who has become a global sensation. Those in the know will understand her method of asking whether items “spark joy”.

The cleanse has made me think about what I really need, rather than want. I think twice about bringing new things into my (already quite small) home and where they will go (how many branded water bottles do I really need to collect from industry events?). And now I’m wondering if agents might need to do a bit of decluttering themselves – by only working with companies and clients that “spark joy” for them.

It’s an age-old debate, of getting rid of the clients who waste your time, or analysing why you still keep some of them in your life if they don’t really bring anything positive to you or your business? By the same token, are there some hidden in the back of your cupboard that you really could be interacting with more often if you dug them out?

On a wider note, with the booming consumer interest in living a more ethical and sustainable life, could you also be thinking about who you book customers’ trips with, who you buy from and who you interact with when it comes to business partners?

It’s a question of who, or what, “sparks joy” for you…


April Hutchinson
Editor, TTG Luxury

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