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Travel industry news

12 Jun 2018

BY James Chapple


Tui false sickness claimant ordered to pay tour op £10,000

Tui is the latest tour operator to underline its its commitment to fighting vexatious false sickness claims.

Tui Beach Palace Cancun.jpg

Tui false sickness claimant ordered to pay tour op £10,000

Jadeep Singh has been ordered to pay the firm £10,000 plus additional costs after the courts threw out his complaint.

Singh, 34, of Salford, went on an all-inclusive Tui (then Thomson) wedding break to Beach Palace in Cancun over November 19-27.

He later claimed became sick and suffered illness causes by hotel food and drink, Manchester County Court heard.

Singh though failed to disclose any evidence of sickness or photos from the wedding, and nor did any witnesses to his illness.

A Tui investigation rebuffed his claim, which was eventually dismissed by the court.

Andrew Flintham, managing director Tui UK and Ireland, said: “We have again showed our commitment in the fight against fraudulent holiday sickness claims.

“Despite the efforts we must go through to defend our industry and hotel partners, we will continue to do so as we have a duty of care to protect honest holidaymakers.

“In this case, the court has found Jadeep Singh brought a claim that was fundamentally dishonest and he has been ordered to pay our costs.

“We will continue to fight this issue bringing any similar cases to a court hearing and we hope this sends out a clear message to anyone else considering making a fake sickness claim.”

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