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Travel industry news

12 Jul 2019

BY James Chapple


TV and film inspiring new generation of travellers, not Instagram

It is TV and film rather than Instagram and social media that are inspiring a new generation of British holidaymakers, a new survey has revealed.

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TV and film inspiring new generation of travellers, not Instagram

A quarter of British travellers said TV and film were one of their biggest sources of travel inspiration, rising to 29% among Generation Z and 31% among millennials.

However, while 23% of millennials said social media advertising was a main source of inspiration, this plummeted to just 9% among Generation Z travellers.

The research by marketing firm eight&four did, however, find that while social media influencers and bloggers were of limited value to holidaymakers in general, with just 7% saying they were a main source of inspiration, younger travellers were divided.

A fifth of millennials surveyed said influencers using Instagram and Snapchat were a source of inspiration, but this fell to just 7% among Generation Z.

The disparity is repeated when it comes to social media advertising too, with 23% of millennials saying it was a factor compared to 9% of Generation Z holidaymakers.

Caroline Brosnan, head of marketing at eight&four, said: “Netflix and other streaming sites present a wealth of programming content that showcases desirable locations.

“Consumers of all ages are tuning in and feeling inspired to travel to these places. It suggests travel brands should consider more innovative ways of using TV shows to reach mass audiences, whether that’s through product placement or editorial.”

Anna Fawcett, global head of marketing at Topdeck Travel, added: “The clear divide on attitudes to social media shows the cyclical nature of generations.

“It also shows the decline in the social influencer space, despite our continuing addiction to digital media. It ebbs and flows, so just as TV gave way to streaming, social media will give way to something else.”

The survey found tips and recommendations from peers, including both family and friends and online reviews, still drive holiday choices.

However, Generation Z is gravitating towards physical media and “real people”, with many turning to brochures (20%) and friends and family (29%). Some 27% said they valued the face-to-face personal experience of booking through a travel agent.

Online reviews are the largest source of inspiration for UK consumers, with 26% of respondents saying they used tips and recommendations from others to inform their plans.

Eight&four’s research was based on a survey of 2,000 UK adults.

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