TTG Luxury Travel Summit
TTG Luxury Travel Summit


Mandy Saven of Stylus will be returning for this years' summit
Mandy Saven of Stylus will be returning for this years' summit

The TTG Luxury Travel Summit will provide a host of speakers, debates and presentations for you to immerse yourself in during this two-day event.


A keynote presentation from Stylus will provide you with a toolkit of ideas and strategy to guide your planning, while creativity suggesting how to engage and inspire clients in the near future. Marketing and PR sessions will help bring to life campaign ideas, while the impact of the crisis on sustainability goals will also take centre stage.




DAY ONE: Tuesday 20 October


14:00 Welcome from April Hutchinson, editor, TTG Luxury

14:05 How the wealthy think: changed attitudes in a Covid world



Winston is the founder of HNWI research and strategy agency Barton and will talk about some of the 'super-trends' that have affected the wealthy and whether they have - or haven't - been affected by the virus, what matters to them most now, whether their values have shifted, and what it takes to get them travelling again.


Winston Chesterfield

Founder, Barton

14:40 In Conversation With... Jo Rzymowska



In a one-to-one session with this industry leader, we look at how innovative brands that can adapt will be better placed for success, how luxury consumers now more than ever will choose brands that align with their values and why travel brands must drive a sustainable agenda. A live Q&A will follow this session.


Jo Rzymowska

Vice president & managing director, EMEA, Celebrity Cruises


15:20 Break and lobby networking

15:35 On the move: ways to get luxury travellers moving again

Having ideas in place for those clients who do want to travel but have obvious, certain reservations could be the reassurance they need to push the button on a booking; how can we do it, and what products and services are out there? We speak to a range of travel companies to see how they are helping customers travel again, from private jets, to incredible private yacht ideas to inspire and motivate affluent travellers.

Rob McCallum

Founding partner and expedition leader, EYOS Expeditions

Ceri Tinsley

Managing director, Consenio

Adam Twidell

CEO, PrivateFly


16:05 Keeping visible part 1: the crisis is no excuse for your brand or destination to be forgotten, but how do you keep it alive?

People may not have been travelling, but what have been the smartest, sexiest ways of keeping a brand out there an ensuring demand is maintained, or even heightened? We talk to some of the most experienced and creative luxury travel PRs around to see how they've done it, share ideas on continuing to keep your brand front of mind, and ask whether the very nature of PR has changed as a result of the pandemic.



Paula Fitzherbert

Director of communications, Maybourne Group

Julia Perowne

Founder, Perowne International

Samantha Strawford

Brand communications director, Belmond

16:35 Keeping visible part 2: the future of persuasion, influence, and how advertising is more relevant than ever


Against a backdrop of an already complex media landscape and constraints on travel, Michael will look at why brands should continue marketing through adversity and how to retain share of voice and spark future travel planning, as well as injecting some optimism into the current scenario. Plus, live Q&A


Michael Moszynski

Founder & CEO, London Advertising


17:10 Closing remarks for Day One




DAY TWO: Wednesday 21 October


14:00 Welcome from April Hutchinson, editor, TTG Luxury

14:05 Unlocking the new travelscape: commercial strategies for a post-Covid era



This session will provide a toolkit to help decipher the current travel landscape and identify key commercial opportunities that have surfaced as a result of lifestyle and societal shifts. Mandy will chart motivations impacting travellers' decisions and suggest ways to stoke wanderlust, restore confidence, craft personalised service and lock in loyalty. The session will also explore the new meaning of prestige and pamper for premium travel experiences. A live Q&A will follow this session.



Mandy Saven

Director of Consumer Lifestyle, Stylus

14:45 Regenerative travel: why sustainable travel is no longer enough

This panel session will look at the contention that this pause on life is supposed to have made us more eco-aware – but has it, and what more do we need to do as an industry to ensure sustainability stays at the top of the agenda? How big is demand for this travel? And what basic and practical tips should companies be following? Further still, should we move to regenerative travel, one which takes us even further than mere sustainability?


Henry Comyn

Co-founder, Joro Experiences and co-founder, The Conscious Travel Foundation

Amanda Ho

Co-founder, Regenerative Travel

Juliet Kinsman

Sustainable travel consultant, author of Travel Easy Tips for the Eco-Friendly Traveller - The Green Edit


15:20 Break and lobby networking

15:40 Ideas in crisis: coping with the new normal in luxury travel

We look at how businesses are adapting to cope with the new way of travel planning and customer patterns as a result of the crisis, and whether we must all focus on different business models for the future, mindful of trends emerging from this period to provide innovative ideas for keeping clients interested.


Tom Barber

Co-founder, Original Travel

Jack Ezon

Founder & managing partner,

Embark Beyond

Norman Howe

Founder, Howe & Co


16:20 In Conversation With... James Riley

Our final session of the TTG Luxury Travel Summit will go in-depth with James Riley, group chief executive of Mandarin Oriental, one of the world's most well-known and respected luxury hotel companies.


James Riley

Group chief executive, Mandarin Oriental


16:50 Closing remarks and main event officially ends



All attendees will receive an exclusive Stylus report, packed with insight that can provide ideas and inspiration to help move your business forward and keep travel at the forefront of clients’ minds.

Top-Tier Travel: Shielded Luxury for HNWIs
Luxury travel is proving resilient and adaptive during Covid-19 as high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) splurge on getaways with private flights, exclusive villas and science-backed wellness services. These habits are ushering in a shielded age for high-end travel experiences, where the ability to cocoon oneself from external stressors confers mobility and status.

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