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BY Andrew Doherty


WTM 2017: Mexico City- US growth predicted despite 'Trump effect'

The American market is forecast to grow by 2% in 2018, notwithstanding President Trump’s policies, the tourism board has said.

CDMX (57 de 70).jpg

The US and Canadian markets currently represents 42% of all international arrivals with the US bringing in more than 1.6m visitors in 2017.


“What we expect is that US and Canada will remain our main markets throughout 2018 and we are also predicting a strong year ahead,” said Mauricio Reyna, director of events at The Mexico City Tourism Board.


The tourism board aims to attract more than 3.5m international arrivals in 2018.


Reyna added that visitors were “not concerned” with President Trump’s stance on Mexico, stating: “It’s fun for us because what we’re seeing is that Americans are still travelling to Mexico City. I’ve read that there were more than 1 billion travellers in 2017 around the world; trouble is part of our lives and people will travel despite it. I don’t think this Trump effect will stop the movement of people into Mexico City.”


An Alaskan Airlines service from the US – set to commence by the close of 2017 – is predicted to “bolster” North American arrivals, added Reyna. The three direct routes will operate from Los Angeles, San Francisco and Portland.


From Canada four direct flights serve Mexico City: Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal.


The Central and South American markets, which have been “generating double digit growth” have also benefited from better air connectivity.


“These particular markets represented 650,000 visitors in 2017. We’ve seen a strong performance from Panama, Guatemala, El Salvador and Costa Rica. Now we have a direct flight to all of them with Air Mexico, LATAM Airlines and Copa Airlines.”


Europe, which ranks third in Mexico City’s main markets and represents 18.3% off all arrivals, is also forecast to grow said Reyna.


The UK currently sends 65,000 arrivals to the Mexican capital with number expected to increase by 2% in 2018.


“Although Europe will grow more slowly, we view it as an important market. The amount of money Europeans spend in their five-night stay reaches an average of USD $12,000; this is without the flight cost.”


Numbers from the Asian market, and in particular South Korea, are set to increase too; All Nippon Airways recently began operating direct flights from Seoul.


To conclude, Reyna explained that the tourism board’s message would remain the same for all of Mexico City’s source markets.


“Mexico City is a metropolis full of culture, gastronomy, heritage and sporting events, we want to shout about this.”

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