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01 Dec 2016

BY Edward Robertson


More control required by airports

Airports need to move faster in the fight against terrorism, a Heathrow-based security expert has warned.

Airport security

Heathrow’s head of security: "We need to be clear on improving it, my fear is we’re talking about it too much"

Alexis Long, Heathrow’s head of security policy and a member of the ACI Europe aviation security committee and ACI world security standing committee, welcomed recent moves like the United Nations’ new Security Council Resolution 2309, which calls for greater collaboration over aviation safety.

However, he urged conference delegates to speed up the rate of change to make flying safer.

Long said: “The UN security resolution is very good but is it going to deliver the rate of change quickly enough? Plots are happening right now and we are not reacting quickly enough.”

He also argued that while legislation was light on how airports can protect themselves, the industry should use it as an opportunity to set its own standards with less outside interference.

Long said: “What I would like is if we could get together and explore that and come up with a situation that suits us, and takes the pressure off the politicians from having to do more.”

He used the event to urge other airport operators to start implementing improvements to their security, as opposed to simply discussing them.

“While I absolutely get that it is a very important topic to discuss and we need to be clear on improving it, my fear is we’re talking about it too much,” Long added.

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