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Logged out again? There could be a few reasons why is a website, and occasionally you will be asked to sign in.

  • When you use a browser to visit for the first time, you will arrive as an anonymous ‘guest’ until you identify yourself by signing in.
  • Each different browser you use (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge or on mobile, Twitter, Facebook etc.) will be like arriving for the first time again.
  • When you sign in on a specific browser it should remember you on subsequent visits, unless you are inactive on that browser for 30 days – when your ‘session’ will expire and you will be logged out.

But if you visit more frequently and still you’re signed out, here are some possible reasons:



  • Your organisation may have built-in security settings to restrict browsing data on its machines.
    • Recommendation: Refer to your technical team.

  • You may have your browser set up not to allow cookies, or they may be deleted each time you close the browser, which will log you out.
    • Recommendation: Review your browser’s privacy or security settings.

  • You may be using Internet Explorer. doesn’t work well in IE.
    • Recommendation: Use a more modern browser like Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox or Safari.



Smartphone apps like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn will open links in that app’s own browser. If you’ve never logged in to on that app you will need to log in. Otherwise it should remember you next time you take that route (within 30 days). However, if social app browsers fail to remember your login:

  • Recommendation 1: When you click through to the web page hit the three dots menu top right and click ’Open in Browser’.

  • Recommendation 2: Hold the URL at the top of the screen, copy it and paste into your preferred browser where you are likely to be logged in.

There are slight variations depending whether you are on an Android or Apple device but the basics are the same.


When you do have to log in, we recommend setting your browser to remember your password.


Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari should all display a little pop-up asking if you want to save a website password when you enter it. Next time you visit the site and you’re logged out, the browser should automatically fill your username and password for you (you may need to click inside the ‘Email’ or ‘Password’ field to prompt your browser to auto-fill). The newer iPhone models may even ask you only to scan your fingerprint or show your face to log in.


You can check whether or not your iPhone has saved your username and password by going into Settings > Passwords & Accounts > Website & App Passwords, and searching for It will normally display your password in full here.


Likewise, you can find your saved passwords in Chrome and Firefox by clicking Settings/Preferences and then searching for ‘Passwords’.


If you are frequently logged out and the above does not help or apply, please contact us at so we can investigate.

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