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12 Oct 2017

BY Tom Parry


Broadway Travel unveils rebrand

Broadway Travel has unveiled a rebrand and new website during its annual group conference in Rhodes.


The organisation has also launched a new website

The business, which celebrates its 70th anniversary next year, said it hoped its new logo, strapline - “More holiday, less work” – tone of voice and use of imagery would help carry the firm “into our 70th year and beyond”.


Presenting the revamp to staff and suppliers at the overseas conference chief marketing officer Tim Buckman said its creation had been the result of “a huge amount of research” into Broadway’s brand identity and the proposition it offered its clients.


Buckman added that despite Broadway’s new web platform – which goes live next week - looking to increase the amount of conversions online, the company was “not trying to become an OTA” and would use the website to drive business and interest across the company as a whole.


“The more engaging we can make the site, the more chance [customers] are going to call us,” he said.


Buckman added that Broadway hoped to convert some of the 99% of its web users who currently visit the site but do not engage with staff.


Taking delegates through the new site, Buckman showed how Broadway had made its search functionality “centre stage” as well as catering for users on mobile devices which he said forms 40% of search traffic.


From its studies, Broadway has drawn up five themes “underpinned” by the new branding messages: Simplicity, Value, Reliability, Inspiration and Heritage.


Buckman told delegates Broadway had forged “a brand with our customer’s values at the core of it”.


Buckman joined Broadway last December from marketing agency addmustard – who the travel firm tasked with helping create its new branding.


During his session Buckman described how Broadway had embarked on a six-month planning process, including interviewing many of its team, existing customer base and potential clients enabling the company to better understand buying habits and demographics.


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