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It's a dog's life for these travel agency pooches

These cute canines bring provide plenty of fun to their travel agent owners. Got a furry contender? Send us your office pooch and we’ll add them to our doggie hall of fame!

Office dogs
Office dogs

We catch up with some of travel's cutest office dogs. Get in touch for your office dog to make the list!

Having a travel agency pet pooch not only brings plenty of fun to the office, but their cuteness factor can also win over clients, too. We catch up with some of travel’s famous doggies (and their owners) to find out more about them.

Rosie, Europa Travel

Rosie, Europa Travel

Breed: Heinz variety – I’m a rescue dog

Age: Four

Favourite spot in the office: Silly question …Bed

Hobbies: Eating and sleeping (mostly eating)

Bad habits: Ask my owner but I doubt if I have any… I’m pretty perfect

Travelled to: She only takes me to work. I never get to travel (sigh)

Bucket list destination: I'm probably safer at home. Look what happened to that giant rabbit on that flight…

Favourite famous dog: Tintin’s Snowy because he got to travel

Favourite song: Working 9 to 5

Mona Boardman, director at Europa Travel, says: “Rosie is a great de-stresser for the office, and the amusement factor means she draws clients in. Having a dog contributes to a relaxed environment, which is the best atmosphere for making a sale.”

Charlie, TravelLab

Charlie, TravelLab

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer

Age: Six

Where do you like to hang out in the office: In the window to watch the world go by, at the door to greet clients, or on my blanket for naps

Favourite hobbies: Walking and chilling

Bad habits: I like to bark at other dogs through the window

Travelled to: Brighton, London and the Lake District

Favourite famous dog: I am famous!


Favourite song: Somebody Else by The 1975

Jai Porter, director at TravelLab, says: “Charlie is a customer magnet. He gets more Christmas gifts than the rest of us combined!

"Having a dog always helps us sell too, as it illustrates to our clients that we are a laidback bunch. Many of our clients have dogs so he is a point of conversation.”

George Clooney & Jude Law, Wetherby Travel

George Clooney & Jude Law, Wetherby Travel

Breed: Miniature Dachshunds

Ages: 12 and six

Favourite hobbies: Chasing rabbits

Bad habits: Terrorising the postman

Travelled to: We are home birds – we have to hold the fort while the girls are off jet setting!

Bucket list destinations: The Dalmatian Coast, Frankfurt, the Isle of Dogs. We’d love to visit Barkalona and Poochapest, too

Which of you is the biggest ladies' man? George is the ladies' man – a wonderful meeter and greeter. Jude has delusions that he is in fact a Rottweiler and takes on office security…

What do you both bring to the office? Occasional chaos, but mainly a lovely distraction, and an excuse for the girls go for walks in the summer


Cathy Jackson-Spence, owner of Wetherby Travel, says: “Our clients always make a fuss of the boys and they are well known in Wetherby. Have they helped us sell? Only when they pin a client down so we can get the credit card out of their wallet!”

“Mainly the dogs provide some giggles. Someone once came in on their lunch break having brought a chicken salad sandwich, but when they left they discovered no chicken in the bread and a well licked hole in their sandwich wrapper!”

Oscar, Holidaze

Oscar, Holidaze

Breed: Shih Tzu

Age: 17 months

Favourite office hangout: My red chair

Hobbies: Being pampered, long walks to the pub and socialising

Bad habits: Going exploring without my mummy. And getting amorous with my basket at inappropriate times!

Travelled to: Birmingham, the New Forest and Hengistbury Head but the world is my oyster

Bucket list destination: I’d like to accompany Paul O’Grady on one of his Indian adventures, take a hot air balloon ride across the Masai Mara and watch the sun set in Santorini

Is there a Mrs. Oscar? No, I like being an only child!

Joanne Farrell, owner at Holidaze, says: “Oscar brings a calm influence to the office and a friendly greeting and smile to all customers and the team.

“He definitely attracts customers – they sometimes just come in to see Oscar and have a play, and they will come back on another day to book their holiday.”

Mavis, Inspired Travel

Mavis, Inspired Travel

Name of dog: Mavis

Breed: Cockapoo

Age: One year and one month

Favourite food: Anything the humans like to eat

Hobbies: I could chase my toy ball for hours

Bad habits: Shredding tissues

Travelled to: I'm on my first-ever doggie holiday at a Hoseasons dog-friendly lodge in Devon at the moment. It's a dog's life.

Kate Harris, owner at Inspired Travel, says: "Mavis brings much laughter and mayhem to the office and brings a smile to our faces when we see the silly positions she lies in her crate. All our clients know her as she's regularly on our Facebook page. Most of the customers want her to come out of the crate to say hello – she is loved."

Max, Villair Travel

Max, Villair Travel

Breed: Cockapoo

Age: 14 weeks

Favourite food: Worms

Hobbies: Stealing underwear (don't ask!)

Travelled to: It's early days as I'm so young but I'm dreaming big!

Bucket list destination: Anywhere my mummy wants to go!

Emma Frearson at Villair Travel says: "Max brings smiles to the office without a doubt, he can change the mood in an instant! There's a lot to be said about having a dog present, not just for clients but for the staff… nothing starts the day off better than a wag and a cheeky kiss from a puppy!


"Max definitely brings attention to the agency – clients love to see a dog in a business and they will go out of their way to say hello and give him a stroke!"

Jolly, Travel Counsellors

Jolly, Travel Counsellors

Breed: Dachshund

Age: 12 weeks

Favourite food: Whatever the humans are having!

Favourite hobbies: Going up and down my dach-ramp that my owner made me so I can get on the sofa easily

Bad habits: Chewing travel brochures

Travelled to: So far I've been from Wales to Gloucestershire but I'm looking forward to seeing more of the world

Bucket list destination: Krakow to see the annual dachshund parade

Travel Counsellor Madeleine Corley says: "Working from home with a dachshund had been my dream for years. He’s good company, helps me shred paper for recycling and is a warm fuzzy foot rest under my desk."

"Sharing pictures of Jolly online certainly helps draw in customers. Once he’s old enough for proper walks I’m getting him an outfit with my contact details on it to spread the word!"

Thank you!

Thanks so much for all your lovely submissions over the past few weeks. Check out more from our doggy hall of fame here

Email and let us know your thoughts or leave a comment below
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