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04 May 2017

BY Edward Robertson


Wow air sets sights on transatlantic market

Wow air is targeting a 10% share of the transatlantic market as it seeks to grow capacity by between 30% and 40% in the coming winter season.

WOWair A320neo jet

“In five years time we'll be looking at serving Asia and other markets. Then our fleet will be around 40 aircraft.”

Speaking at Routes Europe 2017, Daniel Snaebjornsson, the airline’s vice-president network and planning, said the airline would have four more wide-bodied A330s in addition to the three it already has. This has helped it grow average sector length to 3,000km, opening up California to the airline.

Snaebjornsson said he was confident this [flight length] would help drive the expansion with current key source markets providing passenger flow, if only for the time being.

He said: “New markets might open up in Europe but the UK and France will remain our major markets next year. The UK has not done itself a favour by voting for Brexit – it’s not as hot as it used to be. I’d say the US is the most attractive market at the moment, then Canada, then the European countries.”

Snaebjornsson said while the airline might be focusing on the transatlantic market, other destinations remained on the radar.

“There is no limit on the distance for long-haul, low-cost – as long as you can do it efficiently in that marketplace,” he added.

“In five years time we will be looking at serving Asia and other markets. Then our fleet will be around 40 aircraft. That might be conservative.”

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