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Four stretches to combat neck and back pain when working from home

Now that we’re all working from home during the coronavirus crisis, these quick moves could come in handy


When working from home without a suitable office chair and desk, it’s common to develop niggles in your neck and back. Evi Mpouzaki, yoga instructor at wellness-focused Nana Princess hotel in Crete, provides four moves to help combat these aches and pains.

Evi Mpouzaki, yoga instructor
Evi Mpouzaki, yoga instructor


  1. Sit up straight in a seated position, ensuring your head is in line with your spine.
  2. Bring your right ear to your right shoulder and hold for two breaths.
  3. Bright your left ear to your left shoulder and hold for two breaths.
  4. Tuck your chin in to lengthen the back of the neck and hold for two breaths.
  5. Lift your chin up to lengthen the front of your neck and hold for two breaths.
  6. Begin head rolls gently, holding for two breaths wherever you feel the stretch.
  7. Do three head rolls clockwise and three head rolls anti-clockwise.


  1. In a cross-legged seated position, place your right arm behind you and bring your left arm to your right knee.
  2. Inhale with a deep breath to lengthen your spine and twist your body to the right as you look over your right shoulder.
  3. Keep your head in line with your spine and take six deep breaths.
  4. Repeat on the left-hand side.


  1. In a standing position, lift both your arms forward and up as you inhale and lower your arms as you exhale.
  2. Repeat for 10 breaths, keeping your breathing coordinated with your movement.
  3. Focus on lengthening your torso with every inhalation.


  1. Start this stretch on your hands and knees.
  2. Spread your knees apart while keeping your big toes touching behind you.
  3. Sit up straight to lengthen your spine, before bowing forward so that your torso drops down between your thighs. Your chest should rest on top of your thighs or between your legs, depending on your flexibility.
  4. Bring your forehead to the ground and extend your arms above your head, resting the palms (facing down) on the ground.
  5. Using your hands, press your body back onto your heels to ensure your glutes maintain contact with your feet for a deeper stretch.
  6. Feel your upper back broaden, your lower back soften, and your back and neck release tension.
  7. Hold the pose for two minutes, focusing on maintaining a steady breathing pattern.
  8. Release the pose by walking your hands back to an upright seated position.
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