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27 Feb 2019

A proud moment for TTG as we switch to eco-friendly packaging

This week marks a proud moment for TTG. You may have noticed today’s magazine arrived in different wrapping – it’s made of 100% compostable potato starch, rather than the plastic polythene used previously.

Sophie Griffiths Leader image

"We made a pledge to become a smarter, fairer business"

It’s the culmination of a journey that began last year when, along with the rest of the country, the TTG team was moved by the BBC’s Blue Planet II series and David Attenborough’s sombre warning of the devastating impact plastic has on our environment.


We made a pledge to become a smarter, fairer business, and we’ve been exploring ways to honour this commitment ever since. However, it was quickly evident a move to reduce our plastic footprint would be neither easy, nor cheap.


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In spite of this, last July TTG was proud to become the travel industry’s first trade title to implement a paper alternative wrap for our responsible tourism-themed issue. But it was an unsustainable solution long-term – not just due to its expense, but also because of the paper wrap’s lack of durability, especially in wet weather.


Now technology has evolved, we’re proud to be leading the way with the long-term launch this week of our new 100% biodegradable, home-compostable wrapping.


Potato starch – a by-product of chip and crisp manufacturing – is durable and uses zero toxins.


Kuoni’s Worldwide Travel Report this week points out that for travel businesses, just talking about responsible travel is no longer an option – “you have to do something that makes a difference”.


TTG is proud to be doing just that. We know our new wrapping is just one small step, but we’re thrilled nonetheless to be part of the change in driving a fairer and smarter travel industry for all.


Tell us what you think of our new biodegradable wrapping – and also about your own ecological initiatives. Email feedback@ttgmedia.com

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