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Black Tomato offers to help clients set up new life overseas

Helping people set up a long-term homeworking setting in a new country is one of the services now being offered by Black Tomato, as travel companies – and consumers – adapt to the dramatic new Covid-19 landscape. 

Private islands could now be in even hotter demand
Private islands could now be in even hotter demand

It’s one of several options now being offered by the high-end travel company under the umbrella of Space + Time, the company’s new collection of ideas that aim to cater for interest and demand in private travel scenarios.


The company says its new service could give people “an opportunity to step back and redefine your working lifestyle”, offering to support clients’ potential new remote working set up, whether that be a living on a Norwegian fjord, in an open-sided villa in Bali or in the middle of Kenya.


Black Tomato, which is a member of Virtuoso, said it can also “rope in a private tutor for the children or send them out white water rafting” among other activities while parents work in their new setting.


When recommending where people could create a new homeworking set-up for an extended period, Black Tomato’s suggestions include Morocco for design-minded workers; Iceland for entrepreneurs; and Ibiza for those more wellness focused in life and work. Private islands in the Indian Ocean and estancias in Patagonia could also be arranged with full set ups, including staff.


The new online content and ideas under Space + Time also includes hotel buyouts and secluded properties for holidays, with private-stay options ranging from villas in Tuscany to islands in Maine.


“What has been clear coming through Covid-19 is that the ability to travel in relative isolation has never been more important – both to allay any uncertainty that people may have about leaving home but also to instil a sense of serenity and calm in the trip itself,” said Tom Marchant, co-founder of Black Tomato.


“Finding incredible spots to isolate with family and friends has been an increasingly common request and we expect this to continue.”

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Within Space + Time, Black Tomato is also suggesting private jet arrangements across the world, and private yachts for bespoke itineraries ranging from Komodo national park in Indonesia to the Mediterranean, as well as being able to organise private staff such as personal trainers, private tutors, medics, security and chefs.


The private experiences also extend to booking out an entire train for clients, with chef and live entertainment – such as taking over the Hiram Bingham train to Machu Picchu – and arranging luxury vehicles from high-spec RVs to vintage convertibles on the road.


Under a private aviation section, the site sets out details on how private jet travel works, from options available to the onboard experience, through to airport processes, while also trying to dispel the idea that private travel has to be exorbitant prices.


“We have always provided the ability to travel privately, but we wanted to create a platform to bring creativity into the space and offer a complete bespoke service for private travel planning, from the jet to the villa and everything in between,” said Marchant.

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